Caller Blasts White House Whistleblower's Attack On Donald Trump As "Fake News"

6 September 2018, 19:30 | Updated: 6 September 2018, 19:40

A caller branded the anonymous White House whistleblower, who attacked Donald Trump in a US newspaper, as "fake news."

The article written by a unidentified senior White House official in the New York Times, attacking the US President is causing quite a stir across the pond.

The mystery official alleges that the Donald Trump's “impulsiveness” and “amorality” has led to reckless decisions during his presidency.

When Eddie Mair asked his listeners whether they thought the White House mole was a hero or a traitor, Steve phoned in and explained that he thought the whole affair was simply "fake news."

Steve said: "The reason I don't believe it is because they're anonymous. Anyone can ring up and say anything they want.

"If I rang the police today and said Eddie Mair has done this to me, you would be arrested."

Eddie replied: "But this is a bit different. The New York Times is a respected newspaper, with a long history, they say we know who this person is, we trust them, you can trust that this article is being written by them.

"Now why don't you take their word for it?"

Steve responded: "It's fake news. If you want to accuse someone and have them tried for it, you have to say who you are.

"This never happens with Trump."