"It's not being talked about": LBC's Theo Usherwood warns of coronavirus after-effects

25 June 2020, 19:54

By Fiona Jones

LBC's political editor Theo Usherwood fought for his life in after contracting coronavirus earlier this year and told Eddie Mair how months later he suffers significantly.

Sheffield Hallam University's Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre is setting up an innovation research unit to support people to recover and rehabilitate from Covid-19 - it appears

Eddie remarked that the after-effects of Covid-19 can linger in a variety of ways months after the initial illness and LBC's Theo Usherwood is an example of this.

LBC's Theo Usherwood was hospitalised with coronavirus for a week in March as he contracted pneumonia in both lungs and was struggling to breathe.

He feared he would never see his son again and on his initial return he told Nick Ferrari in an emotional interview that he owed his life to the NHS.

He told Eddie he "very much" still feels the effects of coronavirus although he has recovered fully from pneumonia.

Two months after his hospitalisation he could do simple things like drive a car and go for a walk "but what I've discovered afterwards...is that the effects do linger from Covid-19."

Having worked all hours during Brexit Theo now only works until lunch time and then is compelled to sleep for two hours every afternoon.

"I wanted to come back at full tilt but I quickly discovered that wasn't possible because when I did do too much I was...wiped out, not even being able to brush my teeth at 6 o'clock in the evening and then sleeping for 12 hours," he said, also telling Eddie he suffers from severe cramps.

"What I have found is it takes a while mentally to accept that things are different and to accept that things are different and that it is a journey, and this won't last forever...it's going to take a lot longer than I'd hoped or ever expected," Theo said.

"It's not really being talked about at the moment a huge amount and I think it should be."