Delivery driver spotting more cars on roads - are people ignoring lockdown?

23 April 2020, 17:48 | Updated: 23 April 2020, 18:07

By Seán Hickey

As coronavirus lockdown in the UK drags on, some people claim to be spotting more groups on streets and cars on the road.

Eddie Mair wanted callers to let him know if they've spotted people flouting pandemic guidelines and if they've noticed more cars on the road, indicating people going back to normal.

Alex called from Scarborough to tell Eddie that he believed people were beginning to come out of lockdown. The delivery driver declared that "roads are definitely busier" than they were three weeks ago, where he claimed that roads were "totally clear"

The driver, who shared that he specialised in delivering NHS supplies and food supplies during the lockdown noticed there to not only be more cars on the roads, but warehouses he visits to be ignoring social distancing.

As the delivery driver was pulled over to make the call to Eddie, he said that he's seen at least 30 small cars drive by him on the road.

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Alex told Eddie that many of the warehouses he visits also house clothing retailers that are having a lot of vans come in and out of their loading bays.

The delivery driver stated that "these aren't essential businesses" and "there isn't social distancing going on in the warehouses", expressing concern for his own health as he comes in contact with people coming in and out of industrial estates.

Alex wondered the risks he's putting himself under as he deals with warehouse workers that aren't practicing social distancing at work.

Going back to the numbers of cars on the roads, Alex was worried about the number of vehicles he was spotting as he goes about his business and wondered if people were beginning to take the health of others in their own hands.