Eddie Mair challenges Tory MP: 'Do lockdowns work?'

12 October 2020, 18:29

By Sam Sholli

LBC's Eddie Mair has challenged a Tory MP to explain if lockdowns work following the Boris Johnson's introduction of a new three tier lockdown system to tackle coronavirus.

Boris Johnson said the Government will "simplify and standardise" rules by introducing three tiers - medium, high and very high - in order to implement local lockdowns.

The Liverpool City Region will enter the highest alert level, with pubs, casinos, gyms and betting shops set to close from Wednesday.

Speaking to Conservative MP Jake Berry, who is also the Minister of State for the Northern Powerhouse and Local Growth, Eddie Mair asked: "Do lockdowns work?"

Mr Berry replied: "Well lockdowns I don't particularly think stop people getting the disease. But they certainly delay the rate at which people get the disease, which enables our NHS to better deal with it.

"It enables us to hopefully move towards having a vaccine. They are unfortunately necessary and they do have some success, as we saw in March.

"But, in truth, this disease is still in control of our country and the Government is reacting, I think, correctly to it."

Mr Berry also explained why he is supportive of the new three tier system.

He said: "When we debated some new restrictions in Parliament just last week, it was the eighteenth amendment to restrictions in the North of England. It left large parts of the country sort of collectively scratching their heads and councils and MPs struggling to keep up with the changes in rules.

"And that is why we need these clear, proportionate and simples rules with simple messages."

The Prime Minister said areas listed as medium will be subject to the same rules as those which currently apply across the country, such as the rule of six and the 10pm hospitality curfew.

In the high alert level, which will apply to most of the areas already subject to restrictions, household mixing will be banned indoors. Support bubbles will still be permitted, however.

The very high alert level will apply to areas causing the most concern, and social mixing will be prohibited indoors and in private gardens.

Pubs and bars will be closed in the very high alert level areas unless they can operate as a restaurant. People will also be advised against travel in and out of the areas.