Eddie Mair Vs Fuming Man Who Says Climate Protesters Are “Pink-Haired Idiots”

25 April 2019, 16:51

Eddie Mair did battle with this angry LBC caller who branded Extinction Rebellion protesters “pink-haired idiots” who are just “needy millennials”.

Ryan in Abbey Wood was absolutely seething with the demonstrations which he says have cost him a “fortune” because he hasn't been able to get to work.

“Let’s go back to a horse and cart so these people can be satisfied,” the engineer fumed.

Eddie Mair took on an angry LBC caller on Thursday
Eddie Mair took on an angry LBC caller on Thursday. Picture: LBC

“They’re pink-haired idiots that have got absolutely no opinions, they’re needy millennials, they haven’t got a clue.”

The tetchy exchange came as climate change protesters marked the end of action in central London after 11 days.

More than 1,000 people have been arrested during the demonstrations which saw parts of capital brought to a standstill.

Watch what happened when the pair went head-to-head above.