Eddie Mair: What can we change about work once coronavirus has passed?

3 March 2020, 17:41

By Seán Hickey

The disadvantages of self-isolation in the working world have come to the fore in the coronavirus debate, which brought about the question "what can we change about working habits?"

Eddie Mair was on hand in the studio where he was joined on the line by Beverley Sunderland of Crossland Employment Solicitors to answer questions from the concerned public on their rights as employees should they need to go into self-isolation.

In between calls, Eddie proposed to Ms. Sunderland that "questions might be asked about how we run things around here" when coronavirus eventually passes.

Reflecting on the past few weeks, the solicitor stated "I know zero-hour contracts are being demonised" but she maintained that "they suit a lot of people".

When referencing freelancers and self-employed people, Ms. Sunderland pointed out that you will see "some of the real disadvantages you might have if you're not someone's employee" should you be struck down by the disease.

Working from home has become easier than ever
Working from home has become easier than ever. Picture: PA

The main thing that Beverley Sunderland said that we should take away from the coronavirus and what it teaches us about the future of work is how viable it is to work from home.

She made the point that "flexible working does work and allowing people to work from home doesn't mean they're going to sit in front of the television all day".

Ms. Sunderland proposed to Eddie that there is a real possibility that the main thing the UK finds from coronavirus is how working from home can result in a happier, more productive workforce and is certainly something to watch out for in the future.