'I won't be able to cope' distraught business owner tells LBC she needs financial support

5 November 2020, 17:43 | Updated: 5 November 2020, 18:19

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

"I won't be able to cope," this caller tells LBC of the harrowing consequences of not being able to access financial support during the Covid crisis.

Nadine from Blackpool called to speak to LBC's Eddie Mair in the wake of a major announcement by the Chancellor on the financial support available to businesses during the second Covid lockdown in England.

Earlier Eddie had spoken with Anneka Hicks the Founder of Excluded UK about the three million people who are not able to get any financial support.

Nadine said she did get some support in March from the Government but she has not been able to access any since.

She told Eddie her business sells handmade bath bombs and other bath products.

However, normally Nadine said she normally trades at large scale events, which have all been called off this year due to the coronavirus crisis.

When Eddie asked her what she would do, Nadine said she had some trade from outdoor markets, but this had now been halted due to the new lockdown.

"That's it, my income has now gone again and I still have no support."

Nadine said she did not know what she could do, she said one option was to "sell everything I own and go live with my dad."

She said this was not something she wanted to do at 41-years of age.

Expanding on the situation of those who have been cut off from financial support the business owner explained to LBC that she worked her way up to owning her own business.

Nadine told LBC she has "always always" been employed, apart from a four-month break when she had her daughter.

Eddie asked the caller what would happen if she did have to sell everything and move in with her father.

She said this would mean being away from her friends, being away from her daughter.

Sobbing, Nadine said: "I won't be able to cope."

"I've literally had enough," Nadine said breaking down into tears.

The jobs furlough scheme set up in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak is to be extended until the end of March, Rishi Sunak has told the Commons.

Mr Sunak also outlined support for the self-employed.

He told MPs: "For self-employed people, I can confirm the next income support grant, which covers the period November to January, will now increase to 80% of average profits up to £7,500."

Mr Sunak bowed to pressure from the devolved administrations and said "upfront guaranteed funding" for them will increase by £2 billion.

He said: "I also want to reassure the people of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The furlough scheme was designed and delivered by the Government of the United Kingdom on behalf of all the people of the United Kingdom, wherever they live.

"That has been the case since March, it is the case now and will remain the case until next March.

"I can announce today that the upfront guaranteed funding for devolved administrations is increasing from £14 billion to £16 billion."

The Chancellor added he would "leave it to the people" to decide whether the Government's actions were right.