'We're going to have another mad dash back to the UK' amid Greek islands quarantine

7 September 2020, 18:01 | Updated: 7 September 2020, 19:55

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

Lisa Minot, the Travel Editor at The Sun told LBC that the new rules would probably have very little impact to start with.

She added that there would be "yet another mad dash back from the Greek islands affected."

The comments come after Transport Secretary Grant Shapps announced that seven Greek islands will be removed from the UK's travel corridor list at 4am on Wednesday.

Lisa told LBC's Eddie Mair that although the Government have brought in the new rules, it "hasn't really helped the [travel] industry."

When Eddie asked if it could mean certain islands associated with countries could be "treated differently to the mainland" the travel expert said yes it could.

"Really, what needs to happen is more of this idea of airport testing and another test a few days later," Lisa said.

When Eddie questioned this, citing comments made in the House of Commons which showed tests on airport workers showed the tests "didn't really work", Lisa said there should be a "two test solution."

Eddie pointed out that some in the travel industry had been calling for a "more regional approach" which parts of countries which have a high number of cases being targeted, but other areas would not be.

A travel expert has warned there will be another rush for tourists to get back to the UK before a quarantine is imposed.
A travel expert has warned there will be another rush for tourists to get back to the UK before a quarantine is imposed. Picture: PA

The Transport Secretary also announced that some islands are set to be removed from quarantine restrictions separately to countries as a whole one travel expert told LBC it would mean another mad dash for travellers to return to the UK.

Mr Shapps told the Commons: "The JBC (joint biosecurity centre) and this Government are therefore at present unable to introduce regional travel corridors from within the geographical boundaries of a nation-state.

"However, when a region has natural boundaries like an island, for example, the risk diminishes significantly.

"That presents us with a real opportunity. Our passenger locator form, combined with NHS Test and Trace, will give us a clear picture, and has been starting to give us a clear picture, of exactly where infections are coming from.

"As a result, I can today announce a new islands policy.

"For the first time we have the data and the capacity to add and remove specific islands from quarantine while still providing maximum protection to the UK public.