Hilarious Moment Siri Interrupts Serious Conversation About Prime Minister

22 May 2019, 18:45

This is the hilarious moment a very serious discussion between Eddie Mair and Theo Usherwood about the Prime Minister is interrupted by modern technology.

During a conversation about the rules imposed on broadcasters when an election is happening Eddie Mair's smartwatch decided to have its say.

"I can't find the answer to that" the smartwatch announced.

Political Editor Theo Usherwood was quick to say "that wasn't me!"

Trying to repeat the moment Eddie asks his watch "what's going to happen with the Prime Minister?"

Theo joked that he could be replaced with an app.

Eddie Mair has form for speaking to Siri on air. And Theo is used to being interrupted.

Watch the hilarious moment at the top of the page.

The pair had the answers that Siri didn't.
The pair had the answers that Siri didn't. Picture: LBC