Homeless Pensioner Thanks LBC Listeners For Changing His Life After Raising Over £25k

19 December 2018, 08:07 | Updated: 4 January 2019, 09:24

"John", a retired firefighter who is currently homeless, said thank you to LBC listeners after an earlier phone call from him inspired you to give over £25k to a fundraising page for him.

Earlier this week, "John" wept down the phone as he described himself as a “failure” during an absolutely heartbreaking call to Eddie Mair.

“John” and his wife have been living between service stations and hotels for two-and-a-half years.

He was evicted from his property when his salary was reduced by two thirds after being put onto a zero-hours contract.

"I cannot believe what's happened, I didn't ask for anything when I called up", John said

"I'm never stuck for words...but I just can't believe this, it's like winning the lottery Eddie", he continued.

In his initial phone call to LBC, he told Eddie: “I was living in a lovely flat, and I couldn’t afford to the rent”.

“We was paying £60 a week storage but it was unsustainable - they sold everything, including our clothes.

“We’re walking about in summer clothes at the moment.”

He continued: “All our pension, everything we’ve got we pay for a Travelodge - that’s all we can do, I can’t leave my wife sleeping in the cold.

“We slept in the motorway services for about two weeks.”

“John” became emotional as he added: “I feel like such a failure, I was a firefighter, my wife is a retired nurse.”

His called moved many LBC listeners to tears - with many wanting to help "John".

The heartbreaking call sparked a huge response from LBC listeners
The heartbreaking call sparked a huge response from LBC listeners. Picture: LBC

Due to the massive response to John's story, Eddie Mair's team had set up a GoFundMe page - which has raised over £25,000 in 48 hours

LBC is making sure that every penny goes towards helping "John" and his wife get back on their feet.