How worried should we be about Coronavirus?

22 January 2020, 17:42 | Updated: 24 February 2020, 07:21

How worried should we be about the Coronavirus in the UK and how did it start? Eddie Mair asks an expert.

Professor in bacteriology Hugh Pennington said we shouldn't be too worried but as fatalities due to the virus have risen to 17 in China, we should "watch what's happening".

A British backpacker feared to have contracted Coronavirus has taken his first steps in hospital as he begins the long road to recovery, LBC have found.

The professor said all Coronavirus cases have had a connection to Chinese city Wuhan and has not spread throughout China, however it "might well get going."

UK authorities have reacted to the news and passengers arriving at Heathrow Airport from China will be observed for signs of a Coronavirus as authorities in the country warn the virus could mutate.

There may also be people who have it who don't yet know, the professor warned, and it may be the case people get infected "without having any symptoms at all" which is characteristic of most viruses.

Luckily as of yet there has not been any cases of "super-spreaders" which Mr Pennington explained are people who excrete viruses significantly more than others.

The number of cases of the virus has risen to 440 with many countries bringing in screening processes amid concern of a global epidemic.