Kids and dogs should be banned from pubs, insists furious caller

24 January 2020, 17:17 | Updated: 24 January 2020, 17:52

This furious caller told Eddie Mair that children and dogs shouldn't even be let into pubs after Wetherspoons introduced a policy to limit parents to two alcoholic drinks.

Peter agreed wholeheartedly with Wetherspoons' policy and went as far to say "don't let them in".

"These people think it's a living room, they're taking their kids and their dogs into another room, it's not. It's a public place. They don't know how to behave," he said.

According to Peter this doesn't happen in Italy as the children are beautifully dressed and beautifully behaved; "it's the Anglo-Saxon thing, they're out of control."

The caller was also scandalised at the "trend" of dogs being allowed to sit under the table and eat, to which Eddie countered was better than having them eating at the table.

Eddie asked if push came to shove who he'd ban first, the children or the dogs.

"The dogs and then the babies," said Peter and insisted parents were changing nappies in eateries, "as soon as somebody gets poisoned by a dog being there it'll stop."