Livid Universal Credit Claimant Rages At “Evil Tory Government”

12 October 2018, 17:00

A cancer survivor on universal credit lost it as he raged at the “evil Tory government” on LBC.

Shaun let rip after the minister responsible for the welfare scheme admitted some claimants could be worse off because of it.

It’s now reported the Chancellor could drop a promised income tax cut to help stump up extra cash for universal credit.

But this caller was livid.

Eddie Mair Theresa May
Picture: PA/LBC

He told Eddie Mair how he’d been left “worse off” since being moved onto the scheme.

“This is what a Tory government does for you,” he fumed.

“I was getting sick money, they kick me off the sick, I had cancer last year.”

“I have two kids and a wife,” he continued.

“They’re on about the homeless, there’s going to be more homes repossessed because of this evil Tory government, that’s what they are - evil!”

A government spokesman said: "Universal credit is based on the sound principles that work should always pay and those who need support receive it.

"We are listening to concerns about achieving these principles, improving the benefit, and targeting support to the most vulnerable, including for around one million disabled people who will receive a higher award under universal credit.”