Lifelong Tory Voter Says She'll "Never Ever" Vote Tory Again Over Brexit

21 May 2019, 18:52

In an EU election phone-in with Eddie Mair one caller said she would "never ever" vote for the Conservatives again, ripping into Theresa May and her EU treaty, she didn't hold anything back.

"I've voted Conservative all my life, but never ever again" one caller said asking how the Conservatives will be restored as a "party of leave."

Calling in to speak to Tory MEP hopeful Daniel Hannan the leave voting listener said that the party is "stuffed full of remainers" who are "so intent" on "sabotaging Brexit," event at the expense of their own careers.

She asked the MEP hopeful what the Conservative party is going to do to "reconnect with real people, outside the Westminster bubble?"

Daniel Hannan is a Conservative MEP for the South East region.
Daniel Hannan is a Conservative MEP for the South East region. Picture: LBC

Why can't we have proper Conservatives? The caller asks.

Mr Hannan said he doesn't think it's entirely fair to say the reason Brexit has been delayed is because of Tory remainers, but it's due to "all of the other parties" in parliament voting against any withdrawal agreement.

The caller doesn't think it is the fault of the other parties though, blaming the Prime Minister who was a "remainer from the first." 

She said Mrs May had come up with a "humiliating" EU treaty which serves no purpose.

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