Lifelong Tory Voter Tells Eddie Mair Why She Can No Longer Support Them

30 October 2019, 17:08

Lifelong Tory voter called in to tell Eddie Mair why she can no longer support the party she's always backed.

Lucinda predicted the election would be about climate change, keeping the NHS healthy and alive, and education.

She then said: "I'm in my forties and I've never voted for anything other than Tory. I will not be voting Tory. I am a Remainer and I am utterly disgusted with the way they have behaved over the last few years."

Eddie asked whether she voted Conservative in 2017.

Lucinda said she did because "there was no different choice and I felt Theresa May was trying to do the best she could in difficult circumstances.

"But now with the behaviour of Rees-Mogg and Boris Johnson - and the fact that they keep on repeating 'it's the will of the people'. It's the will of a third of the population. My children don't want Brexit. Their future is totally changed."

She pointed out that it was only just over 50% of the vote was Brexit.

"It's as though us Remainers don't get a voice anymore," said Lucinda, "I think I'll vote Lib Dem because I've looked at my local constituency and I think I've got the best chance of kicking out a Tory politician there."