Liverpool City Region Mayor "convinced" Andy Burnham and PM will come to agreement

16 October 2020, 18:13

By Fiona Jones

Liverpool City Region Mayor Joe Anderson told LBC he is "convinced" that the PM and Mayor Andy Burnham will come to an agreement on the area's restrictions as the stand-off between Westminster and the north intensifies.

During the briefing Boris Johnson also urged leaders in Greater Manchester to "reconsider and engage constructively" over Tier 3 restrictions, and warned he will "intervene" if an agreement could not be reached.

This comes after yesterday's pronouncement from Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham who said he will "stand firm" against Government plans to move the city into the toughest level of Covid restrictions without a sufficient financial package.

Likening the north to being Westminster's guinea pig, Mr Burnham said local leaders were "unanimously opposed" to the introduction of "flawed and unfair" Tier Three rules.

Knowing Andy Burnham as he does, Joe Anderson said that both he and Boris Johnson will want to protect the lives of those in the region.

However, he said, the northern leaders "also want to protect the livelihoods of the people of Greater the same way I argued for more furlough, more support and more funding."

For Liverpool, he said, "I'm going to have to continue to argue for more."

"I'm convinced that Andy...will work with Government and continue to talk to Government over the next few days and hopefully try and reach an agreement," Mr Anderson said.