Living In A Big City Makes It Harder To Make Connections

17 June 2019, 19:18 | Updated: 17 June 2019, 19:19

This caller says that social media makes it harder for him to make real human connections.

During Loneliness Awareness Week, Adam called Eddie Mair to say that living in an "anonymous big city" makes it hard to make connections with real people.

Even though Adam has a busy professional life, he says that a lot of his generation are "stuck into social media" and "virtual" not very human connections.

He said he had gone to a lonely place many times, even though there is a lot going on around him.

Telling LBC that "digital traffic" was "contributing to the loneliness."

"It's about the quality of connection," Adam told LBC.

Revealing to Eddie he has Asperger's Syndrome, Adam said this can make things more difficult.

Adam says he goes to a "close trusted person" when he needs to speak to someone.

Eddie said that often just starting the conversation can help.

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