'Fishing is fine, angling is banned and ordering beer by post is allowed'

4 November 2020, 18:01 | Updated: 4 November 2020, 20:30

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

With England's second national lockdown looming LBC examined some of the rules which people will be following from Thursday.

With new details emerging around regulations for England's second lockdown, LBC Senior Reporter Matthew Thompson joined Eddie Mair in the studio to try and clarify some of the regulations.

Explaining the new law after MPs voted in favour of imposing a second national lockdown on England, Matthew said the rules are 32 pages long.

He told Eddie it was clear the new rules were "less restrictive than they were in the first lockdown."

"If you're a drinker or you own a pub you'll be delighted hear that takeaway drinks WILL be allowed."

However, Matthew pointed out that you won't be able to order form the bar and instead will need to request your tipple "via post, via phone or text."

An incredulous Eddie Mair questioned the 'post' aspect of ordering a pint but Matthew pointed out that this was what the rules set out.

"You can go fishing with one other person, but you can't go angling," Matthew said, explaining this is because angling is considered a sport and amateur sport is banned.

The new national lockdown will run from November 5 until December 2.

The lockdown will then be eased on a regional basis according to the latest coronavirus case data at that time.

The Government has published 32 pages of regulations including exceptions to the general stay-at-home message.

Specific reasons include education if it is not provided online, work if you cannot work from home (including if your job involves working in other people's homes) and for exercise, which you can take as many times a day as you wish.

People can also leave for recreational purposes with their own household or on their own with one person from another household (a "one plus one" rule).

Examples of recreation include meeting up with a friend in the park for a walk or to sit on a bench and eat a sandwich. People will not be allowed to meet in homes and gardens, and golf clubs will remain shut.

People can also leave home to shop for food and essentials, and to provide care for vulnerable people or as a volunteer.

Attending medical appointments is also allowed or to escape injury or harm (such as for people suffering domestic abuse).

Support bubbles will remain in place and people can still meet up in their bubble.

Children can move between the homes of their parents if their parents are separated.

On Tuesday the Prime Minister's official spokesman said there were no plans to allow exemptions for golf and tennis to continue during the lockdown after Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove apologised for suggesting it was being looked into.

Fishing on public waterways will be allowed, however, the Number 10 spokesman said.