Public health expert: Government is 'a bit like a one-trick pony' on Covid

17 November 2020, 19:34

By Sam Sholli

This is the moment a public health expert told LBC that the Government is "a bit like a one-trick pony" in its handling of the Covid crisis.

Dr Gabriel Scally, who is the President of the Epidemiology and Public Health section of the Royal Society of Medicine, made the remark while speaking to LBC's Eddie Mair.

The exchange between the pair comes as ministers are looking at plans that could see a tougher coronavirus tier system introduced when England comes out of lockdown on December 2.

Number 10 is under increased pressure to make the system tougher after health officials warned the lowest restrictions had "little effect" on infection rates.

Dr Scally, who is also a member of the Independent SAGE committee, said: "The Government is a bit like a one-trick pony at the moment.

"The only thing they seem to have in their armamentarium is lockdown and restriction and so on.

"I really wish that they would come and say [that] by December 2 we're going to have a really well-working find, test, trace, isolate and support system..."

Speaking of the test and trace system, Dr Scally outlined his desire for the Government to "admit that it hasn't gone well and do something about it".

He added: "I'd love [for the Government] to bring back the two-metre distancing rule. I don't know why we got rid of it in the first place."

Dr Scally also said: "We need to talk a lot more about some of the other things we should be doing, like ventilation and making sure we can open windows..."

He summarised: "So restriction by itself will help but it will not do the job."