Retired headteacher lambasts "inept" government for planning to fine parents

29 June 2020, 17:11 | Updated: 29 June 2020, 17:53

By Fiona Jones

This long-serving headteacher lambasted the Education Secretary for planning to fine parents if children do not return to school in September.

Gavin Williamson told LBC parents will face fines if they don't send their children back to school in September unless there is a "good reason."

Andrew, a retired long-serving headteacher, called the Education Secretary's plan "completely inappropriate".

He said, "As a headteacher I would know my parents and I would know who was genuine about keeping the child off and who was not.

"I wouldn't trust the government. They are by far the most inept and shambolic government that I can remember and I can go back, believe it or not, to the late 50s.

"This chap Williamson, he looks and he sounds like a not very clever sixth former. How on Earth has he got the job of running education? I wouldn't trust him. The fines, if anything, should be left to the headteachers. They know their parents, they know who's genuine," Andrew said.

Eddie countered that school founder Mark Lehain told LBC that the fines would ultimately be left to the headteachers.