Socialist Labour member backs Keir Starmer withholding whip from Jeremy Corbyn

18 November 2020, 19:22

By Sam Sholli

This is the moment a socialist Labour member told LBC that she backs Keir Starmer's decision to refuse to allow Jeremy Corbyn back into the parliamentary party.

Sir Keir's decision to withhold the whip from his predecessor came hours after Labour’s ruling National Executive Committee reinstated Mr Corbyn as a party member.

Corbyn was initially suspended from the party following a damning report by Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) into anti-Semitism under his leadership.

Olivia from Yeovil told LBC's Eddie Mair she is a "very active Labour member" and supports Sir Keir's decision despite supporting and campaigning for Mr Corbyn at the last general election.

Olivia also said: "This idea that you can't be a socialist and not support Corbyn's actions, well that's just not true.

"I think his inaction on anti-Semitism has damaged the trust and the confidence in the party to such an extent that it has damaged our ability to help all the people that really need us."

She added: "There's this idea that the left is being purged. Now I'm on the left. I've been on the left my entire life. I'm one of the most socialist people I know. But I don't support the way he has handled this..."