Caller left seething by testing scandal, as wife and daughter left unseen

15 September 2020, 17:59

By Seán Hickey

This caller was disgusted by England's testing scandal, which has failed not only his poorly little girl, but his wife too.

In the wake of LBC Ben Kentish's investigation which found that no coronavirus tests are available in England's top ten hotspots, LBC focused the conversation on the people who have struggled with the shortage of supply.

Sujoy phoned Eddie Mair to tell him of his story. His daughter, who is displaying Covid-19 symptoms and and his wife, who is asymptomatic but needs a test as she is a teaching assistant, have struggled to get seen to.

He explained that both cannot return to school until they are tested, but explained that when his wife took some antigen tests from the school to do home tests on her and her daughter, it was demanded she return them as they are for teachers.

LBC have found that no tests are available in 46 of England's 48 Covid hotspots
LBC have found that no tests are available in 46 of England's 48 Covid hotspots. Picture: PA

Sujoy finally got on the phone with the NHS to arrange tests for his wife and daughter, and was horrified when he was told not only his wife couldn't be tested because she showed no symptoms, but his daughter couldn't be tested in a 75 mile radius of London.

This was not the longest journey however; a caller had previously told LBC that he had been told to travel 341 miles from Nottingham to Dundee in order to have a coronavirus test, which Nick Ferrari then put to the Health Secretary.

Sujoy was disgusted by the situation. "This government has had months to prepare for this," he told Eddie, and couldn't believe the situation still hasn't been sorted.

"This government is ill-prepared, it's incompetent," an irritated Sujoy insisted, concluding the situation is simply "not on."

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