The Man Who Wrote Article 50 Says Brexit Voters Were Sold A “Pack Of Lies”

4 December 2018, 17:45 | Updated: 4 December 2018, 17:54

The man who wrote Article 50 says Brexit voters were sold a “pack of lies” and should now be asked to vote again in a second referendum.

Lord Kerr joined Eddie Mair moments after MPs found the government in contempt of parliament over its refusal to release the full legal advice it was given over Brexit.

The papers will now be published tomorrow after the Commons supported a motion by 311 votes to 293.

The defeat is said to have grave implications for Theresa May’s Brexit deal, which MPs will vote on next week.

Lord Kerr, who wrote the section of the Lisbon Treaty that allows countries a simple route out of the EU in 2002, said the PM’s deal is “humiliating”.

“You were told a pack of lies,” he said speaking of Brexit voters.

“You were told we can have our cake and eat it, you were told these were the easiest negotiations in history.

“David Davis said he’d pop to Berlin and fix it in a weekend, all these things have turned out to be completely untrue.

“The treaty that is on the table is in my view is humiliating - we have to observe the rules of the European Union, their laws, their customs tariffs and so on.

“That to me is not what the Leavers were telling us… So I think people should be asked, now it’s clear, now you know the destination, are you sure you still want departure?"