Moment LBC Political Editor's Brexit Update Is Interrupted By 4-Year-Old Live On Air

6 April 2019, 08:26 | Updated: 6 April 2019, 19:53

Eddie Mair was left in hysterics when Theo Usherwood's Brexit update was brought to an early end by the sound of his 4-year-old...

Theo Usherwood was half way through his report on the latest Brexit news as cross-party talks between the Conservatives and Labour Party fail to reach agreement.

But his report was soon interrupted by the sound of his 4-year-old in the background.

And as Theo tried to carry on despite the distraction, Eddie stepped in to explain to listeners what they were hearing.

"As many listeners have said, when do you get time off and you're speaking to us from home now, never mind Brexit just paint a picture of what's going on in front of you," Eddie said.

But instead of giving an answer, all listeners could hear was pure laughter and the sound of gushing water.

Eddie Mair couldn't help but laugh at Theo's interruption
Eddie Mair couldn't help but laugh at Theo's interruption. Picture: LBC

"Turn the tap off!" Theo says, as Eddie jokes about the running water sounding like the House of Commons.

"That's my 4-year-old, Eddie trying to flood the garden," Theo explained.

But after offering to call it a day, Eddie couldn't help but burst into hysterics as Theo courageously tried to wrap up his report.

And listeners enjoyed the heartwarming moment too, with some calling it a much needed "antidote" from Brexit.

Theo also took to Twitter to confirm his garden has survived the soaking...

"If after the flooded garden you need any building work done, I know a guy," Eddie joked.

Listen to the chaos and watch Eddie's hilarious response in the video above.