Tory Party's Top Donor Gives Brutal Assessment Of Boris Johnson

24 June 2019, 19:42 | Updated: 24 June 2019, 19:50

The Conservative Party's top donor was brutal when it comes to Boris Johnson's private life, and suggests he doesn't have any kind of plan for Brexit.

Speaking to Eddie Mair the Tory Party's top donor said he was a "fan of Boris," but as we get closer to the leadership election, looking at the detail of Mr Johnson's life

Leading Brexiter and founder of the cab firm Addison Lee, John Griffin has, reportedly, donated more than £4m to the Conservative Party.

"He's got children all over the place," Mr Griffin said, "we're not sure if he's got five or six."

When Eddie asked if his private life was relevant the businessman said: "You wanna be Prime Minister, you belong to us. That's how it works."

Eddie Mair was questioning John Griffin
Eddie Mair was questioning John Griffin. Picture: LBC

He added that the country needs to know "everything" about the prospective Prime Minister.

When asked what the number of children had to do with who should be Prime Minister Mr Griffin said it had "everything" to do with it. He went on to say he was looking for someone who looked after their children.

"He's had them in and out of marriage, I think he's been very off hand in his treatment of young children."

Eddie asked the Conservative Party member how he knows that and he replied "the facts speak for themselves."

Which facts? Eddie asked.

The reply was: " The facts are that he has an extramarital affair with a woman who gave birth to a daughter while he was married.

"That doesn't ring good with me. And that's a fact."

Mr Griffin said if Boris wanted to run the country then "we need to know what real character this man has got," adding "at the moment, I am thinking he's a bit weak in that department."

Moving on to his performance in public life Mr Griffin said he "could be good" saying that he had been supporting him for sometime.

Boris Johnson will face off against Jeremy Hunt in the battle to be the next Prime Minister.
Boris Johnson will face off against Jeremy Hunt in the battle to be the next Prime Minister. Picture: PA

The taxi tycoon said he thought Mr Johnson would attempt to get the UK out of the EU by the 31st of October.

"Do you know what his plan B is?" Eddie asked.

"He hasn't got a plan A," Mr Griffin replied.

Eddie said: "But, you still support him?"

"In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king," was the reply, "and as far as I'm concerned that's where he rests at the moment."

Eddie challenged the Tory donor as to why he is supporting someone who doesn't have a key Brexit policy.

The reply was that Mr Griffin hoped Boris would listen to, and be guided by, his Cabinet, which caused Eddie to point out he hasn't appointed a Cabinet.

Eddie continued to question why someone would support a candidate who doesn't have any policies, Mr Griffin said "we have to find a leader, we have to find a Prime Minister."

He went on to say that he didn't see anybody during the leadership race who had a "decent policy."

Number 10 Downing Street
Number 10 Downing Street. Picture: PA

When asked how much money he's given to the Conservatives in the last few years, the reply was "enough."

Eddie said that £4m doesn't go very far when you've got a bunch of leadership candidates, none of whom have a Brexit policy.

Mr Griffin said: "We have to look at who is going to lead the country into that abyss."

"So, is that why Boris Johnson is your man then? Because he has name recognition?" Eddie asked.

"Yep," was the reply.

Eddie asked if Mr Griffin was pleased by photos which have emerged in the press of Boris Johnson "looking smitten" with his girlfriend.

"Smitten comes easy to him," adding that Mr Johnson was "rushing to find one of his beaus to sit beside him in Number 10."

Mr Griffin said "I'm not sure that's what our Prime Minister should be doing, or thinking about."

Eddie Mair asked if he would be interested in "writing a fat cheque to Nigel Farage."

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