"We have nothing": NHS worker pleads for protective equipment

25 March 2020, 20:06

By Fiona Jones

This NHS worker told Eddie Mair how in her job as a frontline NHS worker within the community, she has no protective equipment.

"We are in need of gloves, aprons, face masks, just anything we can have we would gratefully take," the NHS worker Ellie said.

Ellie works out in the community where she comes in to contact with many people yet she said, "In my role we have nothing at all."

Instead Ellie has supplied her own kit and has just bought a protective suit from the internet.

She shared that she's been "Tweeting frantically" and has emailed SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon in order to get the equipment to keep NHS staff and everybody else safe.

Eddie pointed out that when she comes in to contact people she cannot possibly know who could be infectious and Ellie confirmed she is trying to limit contact.

"We do need to be out there obviously in the frontline," she said, "every hour that goes past, everyday that goes past, it's a worry for us. We're going from house to house."