We should feel sorry for Prince Andrew because he has a terrible time, insisted caller

22 November 2019, 17:50 | Updated: 22 November 2019, 17:58

This caller insisted that we should all feel sorry for Prince Andrew for the "scrape" he's gotten into because the Royals have a "terrible time" and aren't "normal human beings."

Juliet from Somerset said being a Royal is a "horrible job for all its members" and they have a "beastly time" because they're constantly in the public eye.

"They can do almost nothing without thousands of people saying how awful it is, because I suppose we pay for them through taxes," she continued, pointing out that the Royal Family aren't elected yet are still scrutinised.

She said Princess Anne and the Queen are an example to us all of patience, forbearance and help.

"Poor old Andrew, though, how did he get into this scrape?" she said, "they have a terrible time. Think of the Queen with four children and no time to look after them. The whole thing is just a very difficult situation.

The Queen gave Prince Andrew permission to quit his public duties this week
The Queen gave Prince Andrew permission to quit his public duties this week. Picture: PA

"And if we treat them like normal human beings, well we can't can we?" Juliet said, arguing that they are cocooned from life and don't get the "rough and tumble of life."

Eddie asked if we should have sympathy for them all, to which Juliet said we should.

"What sort of behaviour should we excuse?" asked Eddie and Juliet answered that we should expect better from some of them, but we ought to think "about what we would do if we were in that position."

The caller was unsure if there was any way back for Prince Andrew but it didn't matter; either way "they all have a beastly time", she said.

This is after Prince Andrew gave an interview recounting his involvement with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein where he insisted he had no involvement in