We should privatise the royal family and have a republic, says caller

13 January 2020, 17:41

This caller said we should privatise the royal family and elect a head of state.

The caller Geoff thinks the royal family "should be gone" and that he Harry "probably hates the sight of the lot of them" as his mother died, he had to welcome Camilla Parker-Bowles into his family, and he's had to experience "Prince Andrew's shenanigans".

"Meghan's probably opened his eyes," he said.

Eddie asked what he thinks should happen to the royal family.

"Privatise it," Geoff said, "we've sold the Crown Jewels, do them and all."

Eddie asked who would be head of state without the royals and Geoff replied a president who hadn't gained that position as a birthright.

When Eddie pushed him to ask who would be a good head of state, Geoff said, laughing, "Nigel Farage. Whoever's around at the time."