Which bongs should we use to mark Brexit? Eddie Mair's hilarious bong audition

16 January 2020, 10:23

Authorities have ruled out Big Ben ringing to celebrate Brexit - so Eddie Mair came up with some other alternatives. Which would you use to mark the big day?

The House of Commons committee said the price of £500,000 to ring the bell is too costly.

Nigel Farage revealed that if they can't crowdfund the money, then they would play the bongs through a loudspeaker system during their Brexit Celebration on 31st January.

So Eddie wondered which bongs you would like to hear played.

And he auditioned some of the bongs sent in by listeners.

Eddie Mair auditions which bong should mark Brexit
Eddie Mair auditions which bong should mark Brexit. Picture: PA / LBC

Would you like to hear the doorbell version of the Big Ben bongs? A cuckoo clock? A rather solemn church bell from Spain?

Listen to Eddie's hilarious bong showcase at the top of the page.