Why Remain MPs Desperately Want An Election On December 9th

28 October 2019, 17:46

LBC's Theo Usherwood explains why Remain MPs want a general election on December 9th and not a day later.

Eddie Mair asked why Remain MPs would back a general election on December 9th but less likely to back an election on December 12th.

"Students in towns like Canterbury, Sheffield and Cambridge. That is the week that term breaks up. The fear from the Liberal Democrats is if they wait until the Thursday, people have returned home to mum and dad, to their guardians.

"They'll actually be registered to vote in their university constituencies and won't have switched to their constituencies at home and they won't vote.

"Therefore the Liberal Democrats would lose those key seats in university towns and cities across the country to the Conservatives.

"Labour would back this as well to maximise this vote from university populations.