Forget The Volunteer Border Force, I Want Proper Public Services: Kevin Maguire

31 December 2017, 11:13

Kevin Maguire has ridiculed the proposal for a volunteer army of Border Force agents, saying he wants professionals to police our borders.

Volunteers could guard some of the UK's borders with the Home Office considering proposals for "Border Force Special Volunteers" at small air and sea ports.

The journalist said it's the latest cost-saving plan for "shoestring Britain" and asks if we'll get volunteer teachers or surgeons next.

Kevin Maguire gave the idea of a Volunteer Border Force short thrift
Kevin Maguire gave the idea of a Volunteer Border Force short thrift. Picture: LBC

Speaking on his LBC show, he said: "I believe the people who staff entry points into Britain should be fully-paid experts and as Terry Smith, the former Head of the UK Border Force said, you have powers.

"You're an Immigration officer, a Customs officer, a Coast Guard. You have powers. Are we going to give these powers, which will extend I'm sure to searching people's belongings, asking them questions, trying to find out where they're coming from, inspecting their papers, possibly even ultimately detention and arrest. Are we going to give those powers to members of the public?

"Maybe next we'll have volunteer surgeons in hospitals and volunteer heads of schools.

"Maybe we don't need anyone who's professional now. Maybe we can do everything on a shoestring. Just call it Shoestring Britain I suppose. It's a bit like a permanent car boot sale to raise a bit of money for public services.

"I want first-class public services. I bet you do too."