50/50 Chance Of Snap Election This Year Says Tory Brexiteer

24 May 2018, 17:05 | Updated: 24 May 2018, 17:17

There’s a 50/50 chance of a snap election this year, a Brexit-supporting Conservative MP has told LBC.

Peter Bone said Tory rebels could force Britain back to the ballot box if they vote against the government when the EU Withdrawal Bill returns next month.

But, the MP for Wellingborough was not daunted by the prospect - and claimed Theresa May could “romp home” under the right circumstances.

Peter Bone
Picture: LBC

The House of Lords has already inflicted 15 defeats on the key Brexit legislation.

All eyes will be on the Commons in June when MPs vote on whether to keep the amendments put forward by peers.

There’s speculation a number of Tory MPs could vote against the government on issues such as staying in the customs union.

“Bring on the vote, let’s have the vote,” Mr Bone told Iain Dale.

“If the government loses, well, that could lead to a general election - but why not?

“We are trying to do what the British people want and the Labour Party are trying to stop it.”

Theresa May
Picture: PA

Asked whether he feared going back to the ballot box, the Brexiteer continued: “I don’t fear a general election because if it was for the right reasons we would win.

“We have to accept we are minority government, we don’t have a majority.

“If you look back in history most minority governments do not go near a full term.

“Because of Brexit we have forgotten that basic point.

“I reckon there’s a 50/50 chance of a general election this year - I think we would win it.”

Mr Bone noted that such election could be fought with Mrs May as leader, if she vowed to walk away from the EU without a deal.

“If she said something like that she’d romp home,” he finished.