Former special advisor said Dominic Cummings "commands loyalty" amid cabinet reshuffle

13 February 2020, 20:43 | Updated: 13 February 2020, 21:13

Peter Cardwell has spoken to LBC after losing his job following the Prime Minister's Cabinet reshuffle today.

Mr. Cardwell, from Nothern Ireland, was a special adviser to the Justice Secretary and Lord Chancellor at Ministry of Justice up until today.

He held a number of special adviser roles in the Tory government and announced today that he was leaving the government after three and a half years.

It is claimed Mr. Cummings, senior British political strategist, and Chief Special Adviser to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, wanted to exert more control over the civil service in today's recent reshuffle.

Speaking to Iain Dale today, he said: "Dominic, in particular, has made it very clear that there is a certain way that he wants things done."

Iain asked: "And he does command a lot of loyalty from his special advisors, doesn't he?"

Peter Cardwell
Peter Cardwell. Picture: Global

Mr. Cardwell agreed and claimed that Mr. Cummings once worked with such a loyal team that "not a single e-mail leaked."

He had held the role since August last year with his most high profile role in Northern Ireland terms came as special adviser to the Northern Ireland secretary of state James Brokenshire between 2016 and 2018.

Iain asked: "He's also instituted Friday evening meetings at seven o'clock, I understand. About how six advisors are supposed to attend, which can't have gone down particularly well."

Mr. Cardwell confirmed, adding: "Well, he actually said in the first meeting, that if it didn't suit to have it on a Friday, he could always move them to a Saturday or Sunday."

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