A No-Deal Brexit Would Be "Unlawful", Dominic Grieve Says

12 March 2019, 21:52 | Updated: 12 March 2019, 21:56

A no-deal Brexit would be "unlawful" and "very difficult" to include in any second referendum, former attorney general Dominic Grieve told LBC.

The Tory rebel, who is calling for another public vote on Brexit, said the government had a legal obligation to obtain a soft border between Northern Ireland and Ireland.

"No deal leads inevitably to the hardening of that border and would place us in breach of our agreement," he told Iain Dale on Tuesday night.

Dominic Grieve says a no-deal Brexit would be "unlawful"
Dominic Grieve says a no-deal Brexit would be "unlawful". Picture: LBC

On Wednesday MPs will vote on whether Britain should exit the bloc without an agreement.

If they reject that, they will vote again on Thursday on whether to extend Article 50.

It's after Theresa May suffered another heavy defeat to her Brexit deal.

391 MPs voted against it while 242 voted for it - a majority of 149.

Some 75 Conservative MPs rebelled against the government while just three Labour MPs and four independents joined the 235 Tories who backed it.