A second lockdown will "achieve nothing," says furious doctor

21 September 2020, 21:34

By Fiona Jones

This furious doctor explained why a second lockdown will "achieve nothing" ahead of tomorrow's announcement by the Prime Minister on new coronavirus restrictions.

Boris Johnson will chair an emergency COBRA meeting on Tuesday morning ahead of addressing the nation at 12:30pm to announce new coronavirus restrictions.

The risk alert level has risen from three to four and Chief Scientific Adviser Sir Patrick Vallance predicted that the UK could see 200 Covid deaths a day by mid-November if the rise in cases continues at its current rate.

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Caller Rene, a GP, told Iain Dale that the NHS "hasn't reopened" so fears another lockdown; she has a shielding terminally ill patient who cannot even get their blocked ears syringed - so cannot even communicate via video call to her loved ones.

"We can't keep on this lockdown, this vicious circle," Rene said, "open up, the virus will come back as it will because we're not going to eradicate it, so we lockdown again and all of those problems just get worse and worse and worse.

"But we achieve nothing, we just kick the can further down the road...now we've kicked the can down the road into winter when we'll be dealing with flu and pneumonia," she said.

She quoted statistics that over 1000 people last week died of flu and pneumonia and 78 people died of coronavirus "but we're not locking down for flu and pneumonia."

Iain pointed out that if the UK gets back to the stage where 500 people a day are dying due to coronavirus, then stringent restrictions are perfectly necessary.