Accuser David Leakey responds to John Bercow's "laughable" denials of bullying

5 February 2020, 21:12

Accuser David Leakey listened in to John Bercow's interview earlier today on LBC and called the Speaker's denials of bullying "laughable."

The former Black Rod said he was not a "Bercow basher" but wanted to call out injustice, as do Mr Bercow's other accusers, Sir Richard Rogers and Lord Lisvane.

Mr Leakey said the reason he spoke out on this was because "there wasn't a mechanism whereby staff in Parliament could make a formal complaint."

He implied this was a reason he and the former Speaker argued and admitted their subject of conflict is being investigated now and "it would be rather embarrassing for John Bercow if those issues were exposed."

"They were nothing to do with me trying to get my own way with entitlement," said General Lieutenant Leakey, "I was the messenger on behalf of others."

Watch the full interview above.