Alastair Campbell: Labour's 'No 2nd Referendum' Stance Is Wrong

20 April 2017, 19:06

As Jeremy Corbyn launches Labour's election campaign, its former press secretary says they've mad a mistake with their referendum stance.

Iain Dale asked the former Labour director of communications whether it was wise for the party to rule out calling for a second EU referendum in its election manifesto?

“No. And what’s extraordinary about the whole thing is this election is about Brexit.”

He explained that with the outcome of Brexit negotiations still unknown, Labour should keep its options open.

“The opposition can’t be sitting there today saying whatever happens, we’re ruling out certain possibilities.”

While he made clear that he thought Corbyn was making a mistake, he also said what he wanted to see from opposition MPs,

“I will be looking for candidates who have got the guts to stand up and say ‘I’m not going to give a blank cheque to any prime minister, let alone Theresa May.”