Amber Rudd Says UK Must Stay Part Of EU’s Security Systems Post-Brexit

1 June 2018, 18:47 | Updated: 1 June 2018, 18:48

Amber Rudd has told LBC Britain must remain a member of European security systems post-Brexit in order to keep people safe from terror attacks.

Speaking ahead of the first anniversary of the London Bridge atrocity, the former Home Secretary told Iain Dale the UK is one of the biggest contributors to keeping people safe - and that must continue.

She described reported attempts by France to block the UK remaining part of such EU security systems post-Brexit as "very unwelcome".

"We want everybody to be safe throughout Europe," she said.

"The way to do that is to make sure that the UK keeps up not only its membership but its influence of things like Prum and Sis (Second Generation Schengen Information System ), Europol and the European Arrest Warrant".

Amber Rudd
Picture: LBC

Meanwhile, the former Home Secretary revealed she became aware of last year’s atrocity, which saw eight people killed, through comments on Twitter.

"I was, like most politicians, trying to relax but constantly distracted by comments on Twitter," she said.

“That was how it was first released really the news about it, a journalist was on a bus over London Bridge who said ‘something is happening’.

“Other news started to come out and it was patchy, but it became evident that something violent was taking place.”