Ann Widdecombe can't give this caller one reason why he'd benefit from leaving the EU

22 November 2019, 15:34 | Updated: 22 November 2019, 15:36

The Brexit Party's Ann Widdecombe couldn't give this caller a specific reason why his life would be better after leaving the EU and ended up talking about fishing nets.

Ian asked Ann Widdecombe which one thing would she change after Brexit that we can't currently change being in the EU that would be beneficial to his life.

Ms Widdecombe said that we will be free and "a lot of people imagine that the instant we leave, somehow all the bureaucracy that we've suffered over the years is going to disappear." Instead, she said, it'll be a very gradual business of appeal and introducing new things.

"There isn't going to be a magic wand on January 31st, but what we will be able to do from then on is to set up trade deals we can't at the moment," she said, and gave the example of fisherman's nets.

"Fishing makes up such a tiny, tiny proportion of the GDP of this country, it's pathetic that the Brexit Party continually bang on about fishing rights," said the caller Ian, "what about the finance, what about the banking industry, what about the technology industry that is going to be gutted and destroyed by Brexit?

The leader of the Brexit Party has released their 'contract with the people'
The leader of the Brexit Party has released their 'contract with the people'. Picture: PA

"What one thing is going to enhance my life by the leaving the EU and making our own laws?" Ian said, telling Ms Widdecombe he is a self-employed financial advisor.

She replied: "We can make our own rules, we can repeal such laws, we can control our own borders and we also can do our own trade deals. Now those to me are such big benefits that they absolutely overarch everything."

She gave another example of high street shops going under and how the Brexit Party is going to slash business rates.

LBC's presenter Iain countered that we could do that in the EU and all the caller was asking was for one law that would benefit him that we can't bring in at the moment.

Ann said: "If you won't benefit from an independent Britain, if all you're concerned about is your desk and your revenues, sorry I can't help you."