The Anti-Trump Caller That Iain Dale Gave A Standing Ovation

26 January 2018, 18:25

Caller Daniel gave such an passionate speech against Donald Trump that Iain Dale gave him a standing ovation.

The caller from Ealing was angry after Iain praised the President's speech at the World Economic Forum and he wanted to set the record straight.

And he left Iain very impressed.

Iain Dale gave Daniel a round of applause for his Trump speech
Iain Dale gave Daniel a round of applause for his Trump speech. Picture: LBC

Daniel said: "Here is a man who won't even come over and open up an embassy because apparently Obama moved it to South London. Once again, not correct information, it was actually done in the Bush administration.

"So I'm not going to praise a man who lies on a constant basis, who retweets defamatory sexist behaviour, a man who thinks it's OK to grab women by their extremities. I'm not an applaud a man like this. How can we be so fickle?

"Let us not forget, he makes George Bush look good. Let's not even talk about Obama, he's not even on Obama's level.

"Let's remember what the man actually stands for, let's not remember what he apologises for.

"If Hitler were around today and he decided to build a tree in Uganda, I'm not going to applaud him for all the atrocities he's committed before. I'm not going to forget. Let's look at the man for what he is.

"If a duck is a duck, it doesn't matter how many times he starts to quack sweetly, he's still a duck. And that's all I've got to say about that."