Boris Doesn't Really Believe In Brexit, Insists Columnist Rod Liddle

19 July 2019, 09:30

Boris Johnson doesn't really believe in Brexit and he's likely to delay leaving the EU just like Theresa May did, according to Rod Liddle.

The outspoken columnist insists that

Speaking to Iain Dale, he said: "I really don't think that Brexit is a crucial issue for Brexit at all.

"It took him an awful long time to decide which side he was on. I'm not sure he decided because he was, in the way that David Davis or Jacob Rees-Mogg are, clearly committed to the idea of Britain leaving and leaving with no-deal if necessary."

When Iain asked if he felt Mr Johnson would kick the can even further down the road, Rod responded: "Yes, without question.

"You can hear the same sort of stuff in what Boris is saying that you could hear with Theresa.

"Boris said that leaving with no-deal was a one in a million chance. So the EU know that no-deal is a paper tiger. It has no force for them.

"And as we saw today, there is no way the House of Commons would allow us to leave without a deal."

Rod Liddle doesn't believe Boris backs Brexit
Rod Liddle doesn't believe Boris backs Brexit. Picture: PA / LBC

Rod believes that the version of Brexit that we'll finally get is not dissimilar from Theresa May's deal. He added: "Right now, I think no-deal is the best that we can get.

"What I think we're likely to get is a kind-of May's deal with a bit of lipstick put on the pig, if I can put it like that, it may even be softer than May's deal."