The Brave Call From A Father Whose Young Son Is Awaiting A Transplant

8 September 2017, 17:44

This powerful call from a father whose young child is in need of a heart transplant has touched many LBC listeners.

One of Peter’s three-year-old twin boys is currently being cared for at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

The toddler has heart disease and has suffered all sorts of terrible traumas over the last few weeks as he awaits a donor.

Most recently, Peter told Iain Dale he was holding his son in his arms when his boy suffered a stroke.

After sharing his incredibly emotional story, Peter urged LBC listeners to register as a donor.

“You never know when your loved ones, people you know, your friends could need a transplant to save them,” he said.

The call sparked a huge reaction from those who heard it, with many insisting they would now sign up.

To find out more about registering as a donor click here.