Brexit Party Could Have A "Huge" Impact On This General Election Result, Says Theo Usherwood

29 October 2019, 21:07

This is the instant reaction of Iain Dale and Theo Usherwood's to the news of a 12th December general election.

The Brexit Party could have a "huge" impact in the result of this general election if they stand, LBC's political editor Theo Usherwood told Iain.

"It's not just about seats, it's about Nigel Farage and the message he is going to play in the election."

From the Brexit Party's point of view, "Boris Johnson's deal doesn't get Brexit done. When it comes to the negotiations with the European Union, and it comes to the possible transition period, that Boris Johnson is going to cave into every demand. Actually, he's not that bothered what Farage terms as a clean-break Brexit."

Theo said he was unsure if Nigel was willing to keep insisting that Johnson's deal isn't Brexit in an attempt to get a clean break.

"Ultimately, if he was to do that, could he allow Jeremy Corbyn to become Prime Minister?"

Theo pointed out that Corbyn's ideas for Brexit is even further removed from his own.