Brexit: 'There will be no EU in ten years time' Nigel Farage predicts

1 January 2021, 11:35

By Seán Hickey

The Brexit party leader insists that the success of the UK's breakaway from the European Union marks the beginning of the end for the bloc.

Iain Dale cited the "concerted effort to rejoin," by many politicians and citizens who disagree fundamentally with Brexit and wondered if this is a point of concern for Nigel Farage, who was central in getting Brexit over the line.

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"The Brexit wars are over." He said. "The bitterness, the division, the over."

The former MEP told Iain that when the rest of the continent sees the success of the UK's breakaway, it will push other countries to follow suit.

"I don't even think there'll be a European Union in ten years time." Mr Farage claimed.

Mr Farage predicted that other EU members will follow the UK in leaving the union
Mr Farage predicted that other EU members will follow the UK in leaving the union. Picture: PA

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He added that the UK has "set the standard" and nations will seek a Europe where sovereignty is not sacrificed for trade with other countries.

"The point about being independent is that democracy becomes vibrant," Mr Farage told Iain, and felt that the UK will prosper outside of the EU.

Mr Farage insisted there is no way that Brexit will be reversed.

Iain asked the Brexit Party leader whether he accepts that the UK is as divided now as it was when the referendum was held. "Absolutely not," Mr Farage maintained.

"The reason they managed to get 48% was that theirs was the status quo position," he claimed, suggesting that Remainers were "frightened of change."

"A very large number of people who voted remain actually can now see that it's more than possible to sign up trade deals with the rest of the world."

"There'll be some people who believe in a united states of Europe who'll be disappointed, but they're a small minority," Mr Farage told Iain, predicting that "there'll be a growing intolerance to those who moan about Brexit."