Brexiteer Warns Tory Rebels: Vote Against Party In Confidence Vote And Face Deselection

20 July 2019, 12:54

Andrew Bridgen told Iain Dale that any Conservative MP who voted against the party in a confidence vote "certainly wouldn't be candidates" in any triggered election.

The Conservative Brexiteer said a "convincing victory" for Boris Johnson would "silence" his critics and MPs who haven't supported him.

But pressed on how he can prevent parliament from preventing no-deal, the Brexiter said a Prime Minister willing to "stick it out" with the support of ministers and cabinet, there was "very little" Parliament could do.

Mr Bridgen said: "Under statute law we are currently leaving, the default position after we triggered Article 50 if we didn't sign up to a deal we're leaving without a deal on the 31st October, and the only thing that can prevent us leaving on the 31st October is if the Prime Minister asked for an extension.

"As long as we have a Prime Minister who's willing to stick it out, be strong and has good Brexit supporting ministers and cabinet around him, there's very little Parliament can do."

Andrew Bridgen in the LBC studio
Andrew Bridgen in the LBC studio. Picture: LBC

Mr Bridgen added: "They can bring down the government in a vote of confidence by voting against their own party, but they'd be triggering a general election which because they voted against their own party they'd lose the whip and they certainly wouldn't be candidates.

Iain said: "A lot of these people haven't got a career in front of them, they've got their careers behind them, so they might think they'll sacrifice themselves for the greater good."

Mr Bridgen replied: "I think for the greater good of our country, our democracy, we've got to carry out the will of the British people."

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