Businessman fallen on hard times schools "entitled" caller - must listen

12 May 2020, 21:58

Businessman fallen on hard times schools "entitled" caller - must listen

By Seán Hickey

This call between a man who sold everything to survive the pandemic and a woman who believes she is entitled to payment from the government is vital listening.

"Please don't tell me the taxpayer should pay for your golf club membership." The call didn't begin well for Lisa, who was challenged by Iain Dale for believing she should be helped more by the government during the coronavirus crisis because she pays taxes.

"Can I not get enough to pay these things" she said, referencing her subscriptions – including membership to a golf club.

Lisa persisted, telling Iain that she has "family members that have never paid a dime in their life and get all the benefits."

"The system is to support people who fall on hard times, having a golf club membership indicates you have not fallen on hard times." Iain told her, maintaining that she has no right to be given extra help because of her outgoings. Lisa wasn't happy with this answer, insisting "we still have to pay out for things we've already subscribed to, even though we can't use them" which she saw as completely unfair.

What followed wasn't expected by Iain, or Lisa, or anyone listening. Paul is a businessman who told Lisa that he and his wife "pretty much sold everything we had to keep everything going" as they fell on hard times during the coronavirus crisis.

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"We survived for another month and a half until Rishi Sunak announced business bounce-back loan" Paul said, which enabled him to work further to get a contract and make a profit, which will see him through another two or three months.

"I have paid in £1.5 million and do not expect anything" he told Lisa, challenging her to sell "anything that means anything to you" before she complained about others.

Lisa came back to say she had been misunderstood. "My whole point was that everyone should be entitled, no matter who you are or what you put in." "I'm not saying I'm in poverty" she stressed.

Paul was clearly disgusted. "To sit there and say i am owed something when you're not struggling – imagine you had nothing."

Listen to the entire exchange with Iain Dale above.