Caller Admits She's An Alcoholic For The First Time After Hearing LBC Phone-In

21 November 2018, 08:04

This caller to Iain Dale realised for the first time that her drinking was harming her children after listening to Iain Dale's phone-in on alcoholism.

Helen revealed that she drinks to deal with the pressures of looking after two young children but thought that she wasn't harming anyone.

However, after listening to a series of callers on Iain Dale's powerful hour about alcoholism, she called in to admit for the first time that she does have a drinking problem.

She said: "Driving home, I was listening to your show and I suddenly realised that this actually applied to me, even though I don't consider myself an alcoholic.

"I have drunk consistently since my kids have been about four - and still do. Over the years, I've began to realise the impact it's had on them."

Iain responded: "You say you don't consider yourself an alcoholic, you kind of indicate that you are."

Iain Dale's phone-in was very powerful
Iain Dale's phone-in was very powerful. Picture: LBC

She said: "A glass becomes a bottle, then a bottle isn't enough, so you have a bit more. Then it begins to impact on your relationship with your children.

"They've had to pick me up out of the porch because I've been unable to get up the stairs. They just got on with it, it became the norm really. But I still don't think I'm an alcoholic."

Ian told her: "I'm now wondering what to say here. I'm not qualified to give you advice, but everything you have said in this conversation leads me to the belief that you are an alcoholic

"And if you want to change your life, the only way you're going to be able to do that is with the help of professionals. And I think you know that."

Helen admitted: "I absolutely agree with you.

"It wasn't until I listened to your show that I thought, this relates to me."