"I feel safer in Majorca than in the UK": Caller baffled by Spanish quarantine

26 July 2020, 12:43

By Seán Hickey

This teacher told LBC that being in Spain during the pandemic has felt safer than being in her home town in the UK.

As the UK announced that anyone arriving from Spain will have to quarantine for 14 days, many holidaymakers have found themselves in the lurch. Zeta, a British teacher is on holiday in Majorca and spoke to Iain Dale in the wake of the news.

Zeta told Iain that she was "really surprised because everything in Majorca has been so safe," and the cases on the island have been very low, even in comparison to the UK.

Iain seemed surprised when the caller told him that she has "felt safer in Majorca than I have in my own town," while she has spent her honeymoon on the Spanish island.

She said that in the UK "people were constantly disobeying social distancing, very few people were wearing masks," but the worries she had at home are not debatable in Majorca.

The caller told Iain that she chose to go to Majorca because of a low rate of Covid-19
The caller told Iain that she chose to go to Majorca because of a low rate of Covid-19. Picture: PA

"It's been very very strict here, much stricter than it has been in the UK."

Iain asked Zeta if she was concerned about how people may judge her decision to travel to Spain in the middle of a pandemic, but the teacher told him that "one of the reasons we chose Majorca is that the cases were so low."

Zeta told listeners "the whole time I was here I felt more safe than I was in the UK," and couldn't believe that she would have to quarantine after spending her holiday on an island that has such a low rate of Covid-19.

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