Tetchy Caller Blames Brexit On The “Whinging English”

20 July 2017, 17:52 | Updated: 20 July 2017, 18:23

If it wasn’t for the whinging English Britain would be remaining inside the European Union, according to Martin from Ruislip.

The LBC caller gave Iain Dale a ring to vent his frustration at the UK’s departure from the bloc.

He questioned why the country joined in the first place if England didn’t want to adopt the Euro or didn’t want to be ruled by the European Court of Justice.

Iain Dale
Picture: LBC

“The English are dragging the Scottish and the Welsh and the Northern Irish out of Europe,” Martin fumed.

Iain intervened at this point, notifying the caller that Wales voted Leave by a larger percentage than England.

Trying to rescue his argument, a tetchy Martin said: “I’ll tell you if you listen!

"The population of Britain - 90 per cent of it lives in England so whatever the English say it gets done."

At one point Iain had to ask Martin to pause for breath.

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