Extraordinary Caller Saved From Radicalisation By His Family

26 May 2017, 18:13 | Updated: 26 May 2017, 18:54

This is the extraordinary tale of a man who was saved from radical Islam by his own family.

Tony from Fulham’s open and honest conversation has been hailed by many LBC listeners on social media.

Now an atheist, he explained how for two years he fell into the grips of radicalisation during the late 90’s.

The conversation was sparked in response to Jeremy Corbyn’s speech on Friday - where the Labour leader linked Britain’s foreign policy to terrorism.

The LBC caller explained he was “brainwashed” over a period of time to believe that if he was to “carry out the act of God, despite my instinct being against it” he would be rewarded.

“I was heavily into it for two years, I was arrested for attending a protest - for the content of some of the leaflets.”

It was at that point Tony told Iain Dale his family intervened.

“My father, in particular, described to me the version of Islam that he believed was and how fundamentally different the radicalised version was.”

The conversation was fascinating and you can listen to it above.